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The HATS Library Catalog is a virtual collection of research materials focused on topics relevant to Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster, Climate Change, Technical Support, and more. To find materials, search by Title, Research interest, Authors, or a combination of all. 

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Year Title Research Interest Reserach Authors
Violence against healthcare in conflict: a systematic review of the literature and agenda for future research Global Health, Health of Women, Children, and Families, Humanitarian Aid Rohini J. Haar, Róisín Read, Larissa Fast, Karl Blanchet, Stephanie Rinaldi, Bertrand Taithe, Christina Wille, Leonard S. Rubenstein
Learning Outcome Measurement in Nurse Participants after Disaster Training Education, Disease Prevention Farra, Sharon L., Smith, Sherrill, Bashaw, Marie A.
Macroeconomics of Natural Disasters: Strengths and Weaknesses of Meta-Analysis Versus Review of Literature Economics Van Bergeijk, Peter A.G., Lazzaroni, Sara
Information and communication technology: Connecting the public and first responders during disasters Communication and Information Technology Buzzelli, Michelle M., Morgan, Paula, Muschek, Alexander G., Macgregor-Skinner, Gavin
Disaster risk reduction in conflict contexts: Lessons learned from the lived experiences of Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Disaster Risk Reduction Zaman, Shamrita, Sammonds, Peter, Ahmed, Bayes, Rahman, Taifur
Chemical facility risks to natural flooding hazards in the United States Disaster Risk Reduction Jones, Casey, Sambanis, Apostolis, Kim, Sage, Cailas, Michael
Is there an international disaster risk reduction regime? Does it matter? Disaster Risk Reduction Enia, Jason
Managing disasters amid COVID-19 pandemic: Approaches of response to flood disasters Disaster Risk Reduction Ishiwatari, Mikio, Koike, Toshio, Hiroki, Kenzo, Toda, Takao, Katsube, Tsukasa
Multi-modal relief distribution model for disaster response operations Disaster Risk Reduction Maghfiroh, Meilinda F.N., Hanaoka, Shinya
Cash-based assistance and the nutrition status of pregnant and lactating women in the Somalia food crisis: A comparison of two transfer modalities Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), Gender, Humanitarian Aid Doocy, Shannon, Busingye, Martin, Lyles, Emily, Colantouni, Elizabeth, Aidam, Bridget, Ebulu, George, Savage, Kevin
Empirical insights for designing Information and Communication Technology for International Disaster Response Communication and Information Technology, Disaster Risk Reduction Stute, Milan, Maass, Max, Schons, Tom, Kaufhold, Marc André, Reuter, Christian, Hollick, Matthias
Planning and Implementing Disaster Drills for Undergraduate Nursing Students Education Smithers, Bonnie, Tenhunen, Monica L.
Exploring the use of corporate social responsibility in building disaster resilience through sustainable development in India: An interpretive structural modelling approach Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience Kanji, Repaul, Agrawal, Rajat
Building resilience against biological hazards and pandemics: COVID-19 and its implications for the Sendai Framework Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction Djalante, Riyanti, Shaw, Rajib, DeWit, Andrew
Challenges to disaster risk management in The Gambia: A preliminary investigation of the disaster management system's structure Disaster Risk Reduction Rivera, Jason, Ceesay, Atta A., Sillah, Aminata
Development and evaluation of flood forecasting models for forecast-based financing using a novel model suitability matrix Environment and Climate Hagen, Jenny Sjåstad, Cutler, Andrew, Trambauer, Patricia, Weerts, Albrecht, Suarez, Pablo, Solomatine, Dimitri
Disaster experiences and preparedness of the Orang Asli Families in Tasik Chini of Malaysia: A conceptual framework towards building disaster resilient community Resilience Sadeka, Sumaiya, Mohamad, Mohd Suhaimi, Sarkar, Md. Sujahangir Kabir
Developing capacity for disaster risk reduction: Lessons learned from a case of Sri Lanka Disaster Risk Reduction Iizuka, Akiko
Governing community relocation after major disasters: An analysis of three different approaches and its outcomes in Asia Disaster Risk Reduction Iuchi, Kanako, Mutter, John
Cash and voucher assistance and children's nutrition status in Somalia Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), Humanitarian Aid Doocy, Shannon, Busingye, Martin, Lyles, Emily, Colantouni, Elizabeth, Aidam, Bridget, Ebulu, George, Savage, Kevin
Spatial information learning to improve consciousness and attitude towards disasters Disaster Risk Reduction Setyowati, Dewi Liesnoor, Juhadi, Adhi, Mochamad Aryono, Sidiq, Wahid Akhsin Budi Nur, Pratiwi, Elok Surya, Trihatmoko, Edy
Strengthening the information deficit model for disaster preparedness: Mediating and moderating effects of community participation Disaster Risk Reduction, Communication and Information Technology Abunyewah, Matthew, Gajendran, Thayaparan, Maund, Kim, Okyere, Seth Asare
Extreme weather disasters challenges for sustainable development: Innovating a science and policy framework for disaster-resilient and sustainable Quezon City, Philippines Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience Raza, Tabassam, Liwag, Carmelita R.E.U., Andres, Andrea Valentine L., Castro, Jun T., Cuña, Aldrin C., Vinarao, Vincent G., Raza, Thess Khaz S., Marasigan, Karl Michael E., Espinosa, Ramon Iñigo M., Rentoy, Frederika C., Perez, Bianca D., Ahmed, Nisar
Measuring community resilience against coastal hazards: Case study in Baron Beach, Gunungkidul Regency Resilience Nurzaman, Arie, Shaw, Rajib, Roychansyah, Muhammad Sani
Measuring community resilience against coastal hazards: Case study in Baron Beach, Gunungkidul Regency Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience Nurzaman, Arie, Shaw, Rajib, Roychansyah, Muhammad Sani