The Humanitarian Assistance Technical Support (HATS) Initiative

Humanitarian Assistance Technical Support (HATS) is a global initiative at the University of Arizona designed to support the U.S. Government's commitment to prepare for and respond to international humanitarian disasters.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funds HATS through its Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), formerly the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. Here at the University of Arizona, technical staff directly supports BHA in several key sectors of operation. At the same time, the University actively engages with a diverse and interdisciplinary pool of expertise and experience in finding innovative strategies and solutions to reduce global disasters' causes and impacts. HATS seeks to assemble its faculty and students around a vibrant community of practice that contributes to the many dimensions of disaster preparation, response, and recovery.


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Our Mission

The HATS mission is to build at the University of Arizona the institutional capacity to research, teach, and contribute to the urgent challenges of global disaster and humanitarian assistance. It seeks to establish the University as a recognized center of learning, knowledge production, and problem-solving relevant to the global effort to address disasters and promote resilience among the most vulnerable populations.