Managing disasters amid COVID-19 pandemic: Approaches of response to flood disasters

The world faces difficulties managing disasters while making efforts to slowing the spread of COVID-19. The paper aims at proposing policies and approaches to manage dual disasters of flooding and COVID-19. It reviews on-going efforts of organizations in the humanitarian assistance, water and sanitation, disaster management, and health sectors. Based on review works the policy was recommended. The objective of the policy is to protect human life, in particular, vulnerable groups, from the human security perspective. Local organizations and communities play an important role in disaster management, and risk information supported by scientific knowledge is essential. As the experience of disaster management shows, various organizations including health and water should be coordinated to conduct measures.

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Ishiwatari, Mikio
Koike, Toshio
Hiroki, Kenzo
Toda, Takao
Katsube, Tsukasa