Spatial information learning to improve consciousness and attitude towards disasters

The approach towards disasters in Indonesia was initially responsive, sectoral and centralized, but this has changed to one that is preventive, multi-sectoral, decentralized and centered on disaster risk reduction, including through disaster education. Such education should be given to everyone in Indonesia. In addition, disaster management is conducted with a territorial approach, not one based on administrative areas. Disasterprone areas in Indonesia have been mapped, including those susceptible to geological disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, liquefaction, volcanic eruptions and landslides. However, not everyone understands spatial information related to disaster. The spatial information learning for disaster will be able to increase knowledge, capacity and skills, in order to be able to build awareness of disaster hazards to reduce disaster risk. Disaster mitigation efforts through the spatial information for disaster learning include activities such as 1) preparing and describing the spatial information for disaster; 2) socializing the spatial information for disaster understanding to increase disaster awareness; 3) knowing the benefits of the spatial information for disaster for self-rescue; and 4) conducting spatial analysis to organize disaster-prone areas and reduce disaster threats. The strategy for disaster learning is conducted through learning by doing, including conceptual and practical approaches, and having a strong conscious attitude. The spatial information for disaster will provide basic knowledge of disasters to determine their forms, processes, potential threats, vulnerabilities, capacities and disaster risks. The practice of using spatial information for disaster to have disaster skills, through preparedness, and emergency, recovery and disaster management.

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Setyowati, Dewi Liesnoor
Adhi, Mochamad Aryono
Sidiq, Wahid Akhsin Budi Nur
Pratiwi, Elok Surya
Trihatmoko, Edy