Disaster experiences and preparedness of the Orang Asli Families in Tasik Chini of Malaysia: A conceptual framework towards building disaster resilient community

This study explores disaster experiences and preparedness of the disaster affected Orang Asli families in Tasik Chini, Malaysia. Applying a qualitative research approach, this study was collected data from 10 respondents from 10 families based on convenient sampling and in-depth interview. This study utilises thematic analysis to analyse and report the data. This study revealed that Orang Asli families faced both positive and negative experiences due to disaster. Moreover, disaster preparedness of the families was found to be low. Thus, there is need an inclusive disaster preparedness policy for the Orang Asli families towards building a disaster resilient community.

Research Interest
Reserach Authors
Sadeka, Sumaiya
Mohamad, Mohd Suhaimi
Sarkar, Md. Sujahangir Kabir