A View from the HATS Classroom

With the looming challenges associated with COVID-19, conflict, climate change, and mis/dis-information facing the humanitarian sector in 2022, there’s no doubt that universities need to step up to the plate to prepare students to change the world. Led by Dr. Tim Finan and Dr. Corrie Hannah, HATS is hosting a seminar course this spring on Disasters & Humanitarian Assistance: Theory & Practice for a talented and multi-disciplinary group of graduate and undergraduate students. Thus far, we have moved through foundational information about disasters and scholarly contributions to the study of natural and human-caused hazards with a focus on risk, vulnerability, climate change adaptation, livelihoods, and resilience. Highlights also include invaluable insights into the evolution, inner-workings, and operations of the international humanitarian aid sector from our HATS faculty members at the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, Laura Meissner and Dr. Sezin Tokar. For more information about the class or if you wish to contribute materials or a guest lecture, please contact corrieh@email.arizona.edu

Photo Credit - Tim Finan
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Dr. Corrie Hannah & Dr. Tim Finan