Tim's Talks: Tim Frankenberger on Development Practice

Episode Description: Hello everyone! Thank you for tuning into our second episode, and we appreciate your patience as we have been working hard on this podcast. In this episode, the founder and president of TANGO International discuss the evolution of development practice, navigating the complexities of development, and grasping the nature of change with Dr. Tim Finan, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, School of Anthropology, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology. Tim Frankenberger, a development practitioner, spoke about his work with the Arid Lands program and then with CARE International, where he pioneered the livelihood systems approach to development practice. After leaving CARE, he co-founded Tango International, an organization that provides technical assistance to non-governmental organizations. The speakers discuss the two worlds of development: ideas and people, emphasizing the significance of bridging the two through development practice. The speaker's experiences shared in this episode provide insights into the challenges and rewards of development practice.

Tim Frankenberger, founder and president of TANGO International