Investigating the Impacts of Disaster on Different Social Groups

HATS team is currently conducting an assessment on the experiences and impacts of disasters for women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. We are working together as a team on a literature review of publications related to Disaster Recovery Research (DRR) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The research team has narrowed down a list of 120+ related peer-reviewed articles that discusses and continues to expand our topic of interest from various angles. The focus of the research has been to analyze the different groups’ access (or lack thereof) to disaster mitigation resources and opportunities such as trainings, shelters, social capital/network, employment, etc. Factors that may contribute as barriers for these groups to access or utilize resources and opportunities (policies/institutions, local socio-cultural norms/practices, and others) are also assessed. As these groups are often labeled as “vulnerable” populations, the research team is interested in investigating whether this narrative of vulnerability is valid or if there is something bigger to the story that is so often dismissed. We are still in the process of synthesizing all the reviewed information and have plans to share our findings with our network of faculty, researchers, and the wider disaster relief community. If you are interested in our preliminary findings or in contributing to our research efforts, please contact Corrie Hannah,


Image Information: Group of Women and Girls Weaving Masking Webs for Army. Photo credit: Alexander Zvir -… 

Group of Women and Girls Weaving Masking Webs for Army. Photo credit: Alexander Zvir -
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