Frank Gonzalez

Frank Gonzalez
Job Title(s)
Assistant Professor
School of Government and Public Policy
Courses Taught
  • POL/AFAS/MAS 330 - Minority Groups and American Politics
  • POL511A-201 - Psychology of Group Conflict and Cooperation (part of the International Security Studies online Masters program through the SGPP)

Frank J. Gonzalez is an Assistant Professor in the School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) at the University of Arizona. His research strengths lay primarily in political psychology, experimental design, and quantitative methods. His current research involves using work from political psychology, social neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology to understand attitudes toward race, class, inequality, and hierarchy.

Selected Publications
  • Wals, Sergio, Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Frank J. Gonzalez, and Tess Gosda (2015). Love Thy Neighbor? Perceptions of Foreigners and Support for Transnational Policies. Political Research Quarterly, 68(3), 537-551.
  • Peterson, Johnathan C., Frank J. Gonzalez, and Stephen Schneider (2017). The Effects of Disease Salience and Xenophobia on Support for Humanitarian Aid. Politics and the Life Sciences, 36(2), 17-36.